I empower you to know yourself as the true Divinity that you are, able to heal yourself as well as create the worlds in which we roam.

I help your mind to let go, by understanding a bit more about how thoughts work and what identity and suffering really is about.

I redirect you to the Ultimate Truth and remind you of the fact that you are already whole and complete. Ultimate Self-Realization lies within, it is already yours. It is already so.

To assist I offer what I can to those who come. This may be healing, consultation and compassionate conversation, meditation circles, Satsang and Shaktipat. See more here.

To awaken Kundalini and realize the True Self is the greatest gift we can give to a suffering world.



Alysea Taavo

Past life regression therapy to help you understand and resolve deep inner wounds. >>>

Vedic Vortex

Kundalini Shaktipat transmissions, Bio Resonance and Ayurvedic Alchemy. >>>



Originally an over achieving A typ engineer, with a franctic mind and stress as default, I ended up on long term sick leave due to stress. This was my time for a life change. I became a 200 RYT Yoga teacher, Children's Yoga teacher, Mindfulness teacher, Usui Holy Fire Reiki II initiate and through my own awakening, deepened my offerings to be of service to those on the path of Enlightenment.

My work is truly a reflection of my own process and I teach and share from my own experience. We are powerful beyond measure and when you realize that you can do anything, you take back the power you have given away to others and to circumstances, heal, and begin your own self-discovery journey.


"Gyani Grace har en bakgrund som industridesigner och är utbildad yogalärare, Mindfulnessinstruktör, Reiki II Usui Holy Fire Practitioner och barnyogalärare.

Idag skapar hon transformerande utrymme i meditations-cirklar där varandet står i centrum. Genom att guidas in i Varandet inom dig, stärks din sanna essens och transformation sker bara genom att vara i det som känns så sant och naturligt, men som vi ändå ofta prioriterar bort när vi låter tanken och sinnet dominera. Genom meditation och varande sker även energiöverföring av grace och inspirerar ditt varande till mer harmoni och ditt medvetande att expandera.

Gyani Grace stöder din upplysning, inre resa och själsliga utveckling för mer glädje och harmoni i livet genom enskild healing/konsultation och gruppmeditationer."




"The one-on-one session I had with Gyani Grace was one of the deepest and most powerful healings I've ever had, and God knows I've tried many healers and modalities" — Håvard Bakke

"I was so blessed to find Grace. With her help, I got the most deepest insights for myself and my soul." — James Wang

"Very vivid, healing and nurturing all around. The messages received where spot on and has helped me focus on what's important. " — Mia Luz

"The challenge I accepted when coming to earth - is on the tipping point of success - with all the pain and suffering that it brings. And the tool I received is helping me now in a way I never could have imagined – to come further in my ascension!" — Emelie Svensson

"The Samsara Secret Masterclass was enlightening and it gave me the tools to create order in the chaos. This has been a catalyst for me. I thank you and the Universe." — Lieke Lesedi