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Cycling kundalini

to intentionally move the energy

The circuit of Kundalini energy is driven through Intent. The light of Awareness follows the focal point of attention and reanimates life into uninhabited regions of the subtle body.

The focused accumulation of energy is made to spatially occupy the vacuum of spinal column. It then radiates towards the physical boundary encompassed by the body, till all surfaces dissolve and only awareness remains.

This practice moves the Light of Awareness or Inonised Spinal fluids or Transmuted Sexual life force or Charged Pranic Breath (however one may perceive Kundalini) through the subtle chakra system, reorients the energetic disturbances and clears Karmic blocks.



Visualising this Pranic Light as a vortex of energy it is pulled up the spine using Bhastrika (Breath of fire) to pump the energy, Mula Bandha (Root lock, contracting the perinium) and Uddiyana bandha (Pelvic lock , contracting the abdominal muscles into rib cage) to hold the energy (bandhas function as valves). Initially the physical movement is needed but with practice it becomes a subtle phenomenon.

The energy traces a helical path from the tailbone or sphincter muscles (kegel muscles) up the back of spine, hits the Bindu chakra (meeting point of occipital & parietal lobe), circles around over the top of the head and down the forehead into the nasal cavity falling on the soft pallet behind the roof of the mouth.

Shambhavi Mudra (rolling eyes up towards midbrow) & Khechari Mudra (rolling back tongue to touch the soft pallet of upper jaw) are used to complete the cranial circuit and bridge left and right hemispheres, front and back channels. The energy then flows from the nasal cavity down to the sides of the nose, root of the tongue, then to middle of the chin down the neck, expanding the chest, circulating in the navel, bisecting the genitals and rejoining at the place of the beginning - the lower spine.


the path

The energy is raised up through the central chitrini channel in sushumna, interior of the spine. It travels up to the root of the tongue (talu chakra) and enters the skull through its base (alta major chakra, atlas bone).

The flow strikes the center of the skull above nasal cavity, right behind the midbrow and between the temples & ears (guru chakra, brahmarendra, the pit containing thalmus, pituitary and pineal glands).

It then radiates towards the back of skull to deflects off bindu chakra (back of skull opposite to the previous center) as well as the front towards the midbrow, upper forehead (Ajna chakra).

These energetic points of perception form a physical pyramid structure inside the skull between the:

  1. Midbrow (Ajna chakra)
  2. Point opposite to midbrow at the back of skull (Bindu Chakra)
  3. The two points to the left and right where sephinoid parietal temporal and frontal bones meet (side temple chakras).

The central axis runs from the base of the skull up to the crown as the top of pyramid. All these points when activated create an energetic halo around the head.

The above technique can help to balance a flow that has been out of its toroidal equilibrium, Transmute sexual life force into Spiritual (Ojas), Ionise cerebro spinal fluids, set pooled up blocks into motion.

In advanced stages the flow becomes a self regulating pattern. The speed of the circulation is increased as there are less resistances and it becomes a continuous effortless meditation.

The prerequisites for the practice are clear mental and emotional bodies and a balanced physical one. It is an ever evolving eternal process of expansion leading to the Non Dual awareness.