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ignite your kundalini process

Meditation practices



To ignite and maintain steady progression of your awakening, ascension and self-realization process you may want to incorporate specific Sadhana (spiritual practice) into your daily life to strengthen the very flow of energy that transforms both body, mind and consciousness from the inside. Kundalini energy can be increased and chakras activated to assist the process of realization.


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  • Different meditation practices
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resources from The non-dual path

The ultimate reality & absolute truth



The path of liberation, self-realization, ascension, awakening to unity consciousness and pure Awareness or Supreme Reality beyond consciousness will not only be supported but greatly accelerated by acquiring knowledge about Non-dual philosophy. 


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  • What is Non-duality
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A natural process of evolution

kundalini & spiritual awakening



Awakening the dormant primal force of Kundalini within ones body is a natural step on the path of spiritual awakening and ascension. It is however often overlooked during these modern times full of inventive expressions of multi-dimensional beings, ETs, codes, activations etc, as something of the past, but one cannot complete ascension without Kundalini rising through the crown, transforming the body in it's wake. Regardless of how much you wish to play inside this illusion, we have much to learn from the gnanis, self-realized masters, that still walk this world with us. True liberation, self-realization, does not need to come through climbing the dimensions, but is right here, right now. You are already complete. You are already realized and of the ONE TRUTH. You ARE ALL. Not seperated, only in an imaginary illusion. Let Kundalini help you from within.


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  • Kundalini & Spiritual awakening

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