Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word comprised of two words. 'Sat' means Being. 'Sang' means 'in the company of'.

Satsang is a gathering of Being. That's what our true nature is. Beingness. Stillness. Consciousness. We gather together as our true self, our formless essence.

In Satsang we give our complete and undivided attention to our formlessness self. This makes Satsang very transformative. Rather than focusing on the forms, the things that come and go, (which is what most of the world focuses on), we focus on what is always here, the constant. Beingness. We prove a Law of the Universe that says, what you focus on expands. Focus on formlessness, your true nature, and experience what happens.

Satsang is an energy field. It's a live being. Unrehearsed. Unscripted. Intuitive. It's one with the flow of all Life. Not separate. Very potent. Very powerful. It holds a strong intention.

It offers the possibility of a complete rest. A rest from living in time, from living in the thinking mind, from living as a separate one.

It offers the possibility of a shift. A shift in perspective.  A shift in consciousness. The shift out of the ideas of what we think are or thought we are, or who we've been told that we are. The shift out of what we are not. It offers a shift into reality. Reality where there is peace and joy and love for no reason at all.

It is very joyful to simply be together. To hold the space together. Being the space. Being consciousness of being. Stopping. Being still. Listening. Listening deeply. Listening to the true voice. The voice of wisdom, of knowing. We can truly attend to whatever arises. We can give it the space to be. We have this ability. The capacity. We know ourselves as the space.

The stillness.

The beingness.




The intention of satsang is to be our true self. To be conscious of who we truly are.

We don't meet to get rid of things (thoughts, emotions, body things [aches, pains, discomforts], the mind, the ego) or to stop things (thoughts, the mind, the world) or to solve problems or to try to achieve certain states of consciousness.

We meet to be conscious of the consciousness that is already here. Here right now.

Any answers that are needed, they appear. They come from the stillness, from the space, from Grace. As does the creativity, the insights, the inspirations, the knowings, the revelations, the miracles, and the questions too, they can seem to appear out of now where, being articulated by the participants or as sharing by the Satsang giver.

Satsang is the space to be at home in the heart. In Satsang there is space. Space for being, for doing nothing, for true speaking, sharing, enquiring. Space for connection, for silence, for listening, and for being listened to.

Space to honor the space, the essence, the One. Space to enjoy being.

Come rest in that space and enjoy the stillness that we are, right now.